What if the resurrection of Jesus means more than you think?

What if it means you can trust God even when your life makes no sense? Jesus’ followers were heartbroken, scared, perplexed, and angry after the cross. His death defied their expectations and killed their dreams. To them, there was no way this situation could turn out well. But then, Christ arose!

What if it grounds your religious faith on something objective instead of your own feelings, hopes, and preferences? Nearly every religion in the world is based on the teachings of a great leader. Who can say which is best? Most people choose based on some condition in their own lives—perhaps the predominant religion in their home or culture, or simply whatever faith makes the most sense to them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a religion based on something more than personal preference for one great teacher over another, something historically factual and objectively true? Christ arose!

What if it reassures you that, no matter what kind of mess you’ve made of yourself, you could be completely forgiven, totally accepted, and eternally loved? Imagine what it would feel like to know for sure that God likes you, that you don’t have to cross to the other side of the street when you see Him coming, that you can quit feeling like He’s part of the problem. Wouldn’t that be pure joy and perfect peace? What we really need is proof positive that God has already dealt with our sins. We need a sure sign that He knows all about them, has fully judged them, and isn’t angry at them anymore. Christ arose! 

What if it reorients your whole life? What if your identity were based on something other than your past choices or present circumstances? What if your life’s purpose were higher than fortune, fame, power, and pleasure? What if you could somehow start life over with a new family of origin, new identity, new internal power, and new destiny? I’m talking about a kind of personal, internal miracle where the old you falls away altogether and a fresh new you takes over. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to end your old life and start over fresh? Christ arose!