The Benefits of Crime, 4

Another installment of benefits the Lord has brought my way through the burglary at our house:

8. I’ve developed a new appreciation for God’s providence. Numerous little circumstances demonstrate that He was in complete control the whole time. For example, the weekend the break-in occurred, a friend had borrowed one of my shotguns—the far nicer one, the one that’s been in our family for decades—and so it wasn’t there for the thieves to take. Another example: because we had recently neglected to return a few important family documents to their normal location in Aundrea’s Franklin Planner, they weren’t taken when the thieves stole the planner. Apparently, God is even in control of our carelessness!

9. I’ve developed a new appreciation for the Psalms. Psalms is the prayer book for the soul. No matter what circumstance we’re in, we can always find a psalm or two that gives expression to our fears and yearnings. What’s more, the Psalms don’t merely help us give vent to what is in our soul; they fix us where we’re broken. In the days immediately following the break-in, when I was struggling with anxiety and anger, I would inevitably find hope and joy in the psalm which I was scheduled to read for that day. One morning in particular, after a restless night on the couch with my weapon at my side, I opened my Bible to Psalm 11 and read: “In the LORD I take refuge; how can you say to my soul, ‘Flee like a bird to your mountain, for behold the wicked bend the bow….’” It was a perfect description of how I felt and a perfect prescription for how to fix the problem.

(concluded next week)