Mission and Philosophy


Jesus Christ:

To Know Him,

To Make Him Known,

For The Glory Of God,

For The Joy Of All Peoples



We believe the local church is God’s invincible program for transforming personal lives, families, and whole cultures through the glorious message of the gospel. Local churches aren't guaranteed invincibility or transformational power though. The key is THE GOSPEL—the good news that the reign of God has come in the person, life, and work of Jesus of Nazareth. Through His sinless life and atoning death, Jesus offers the solution to all of the effects of sin in our lives and in our world! Our focus as a church then is to proclaim and display this glorious gospel through our meetings, our ministries and programs, our relationships with each other, and our individual lives.

Practically speaking, we intend for every aspect of our church to derive from the gospel, conform to the gospel, and exist for the gospel. When the gospel functions as the center of our community this way, its power will produce several key characteristics of a healthy and biblical church:

  • sincerely expressive, God-exalting corporate worship
  • Christ-centered, intentional fellowship among the members
  • a deliberate and ongoing agenda for equipping every member to strengthen the others in the church
  • compassionate and practical care for the needy both inside and outside the church
  • a winsome, biblically faithful, and growing impact on the surrounding community and the world
  • a commitment to the word of God as the only lasting foundation for ministry, manifested primarily through expositional preaching
    • Expositional Preaching is speaking the meaning of a scripture and applying it to our lives.  The meaning is found by following Jesus' teaching that all of the Bible is about him (Luke 24:27, John 5:46).  We preach this way because only Jesus gives new life (Romans 6:4)