The Global Outreach vision at Parker Hills Bible Fellowship is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to cultures and languages outside that of our own culture, with a priority to the least reached peoples of the world. At the same time, we desire to reach out locally, being the salt and light to Jesus Christ within our own culture and community.

We have a regular short-term mission trip which we participate in as well as individual trips.

Local and Regional Outreach

Gabe, Heather, Tytus, and Joelle Reed

Gabe, Heather, and kidsWorking in church replanting.  Leading Calvary Church Summitview in Centennial, Colorado.  See Summitview weekly updatesReplanted Reeds ministry blog or email encouragement.

After serving as Youth Pastor at Berean Baptist Church, God called the Reeds into church replanting.  Gabe interned in church planting with Calvary Church in Englewood, CO while taking M. Div. classes full time.  By unanimous vote of the congregation, Summitview chose to replant, with services beginning September 11, 2016.

Why Replant?  Church Replanting is a declaration of war against the dominion of Satan. When a church closes to the world it looks like Jesus lost. We believe that when God revives a church from 6 feet under the ground, Jesus kingdom grows, the world sees the majesty of God and the gospel cannot be ignored in that community.  The true church is wonderfully loved by the crucified and risen Christ. We are passionate about making Jesus known in the Denver community through church replanting.






 College/Career Group

Rick and Hollie in front of golden aspenLed by Rick and Hollie Eisenberg at their home from 7-9 PM Friday nights.  We start the night off with dinner and from there get into our study and discussion time.  We are currently looking at the Letter to the Colossians.  If you're in your 20s or in college, come join us.  Call or text for directions.


Curtis and MavisChristian Chaplain Services

Supports evangelical chaplains to enable them to minister to the spiritual needs of inmates in the Rocky Mountain region on a full-time basis.  We support Chaplains Curtis and Mavis Holmes.  Mavis's ministry is in the Denver  Women's Correctional Facility where she spends Monday through Thursday one-on-one counseling, giving Christian books to individuals and praying with inmates. Curtis' ministry is to Denver Reception Diagnostic Center where he has Bible Study Classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. He also has a  Wednesday Bible Study for a Mental Health Group.   PHBF finds it a privilege to support the Holmes and their work to those in prison who so need the light and love of Christ.


Providence Bible Church Located in the Five Points area of downtown Denver. Providence is a multi-cultural congregation desiring to reach out to the urban community.  In 2010, Providence bought a nearby building and started a separate ministry, now called Encompass, dedicated to mentoring and uplifting through programs and one on one relationships. This sister church helps us grow in reaching out clearly with the Gospel, time, and resources to people facing great difficulties.

Camp Elim in Woodland Park, Colorado; providing a Christ-centered, youth-oriented retreat environment that encourages evangelism, spiritual growth and training in order to develop followers of Jesus Christ that impact their home, church and the world.  Our membership participates as campers, counselors, speakers, contributors, and event hosts.

Immanuel Mission – Arizona; providing a quality, Bible-based education for students K-12 on the Navajo Indian reservation.  We have a long term commitment to the Navajo nation and the High School Youth Group makes a week long trip nearly every year to teach a Vacation Bible School and perform work projects on the mission and in the community.

International Outreach

"Larry and Mary Peters"

"Larry" and "Mary" help lead an organization that trains local leaders, provides medical clinics, and provides medical training in Central Asia.  It also ministers among refugees, operating a school specifically for them.   

Alexey & Olesya Bannikov

Alexey and Olesya Bannikov are a part of a team that proclaims the Good News among the Muslim peoples of Central Asia and model true Christian living within their community. This family is involved in church planting in a key city in Central Asia as well as mentoring other leaders and their families.

Email:  bannikov7@gmail.com

Support:   www.gopeople.org

Ellie McIntosh

Ellie is a teacher at Jabulane Christian Academy, part of Bethesda Outreach in South Africa.

You can keep up with her via her blog,  Redhead in South Africa.

After doing a couple of short term mission stints with Bethesda Outreach Ministry, Ellie fell in love with the people and the work.  She did her first year of teaching in 2016 (January – December).

Ellie has been teaching orphans and children in her school but is returning home now that the school's mission has changed.

Karl and Glynn Peterson

In 1995, Karl, Glynn and six-month old Elsa headed off to Portugal where they spent a year working on the Portuguese language in preparation for work in Mozambique. A week after landing in the capital, Maputo, they were paired up with a Mozambican evangelist and told to start two churches and begin teaching in a Bible School. When they arrived at the Bible school, they found only one student! The school had been weakening over the years, and so Karl was given the directorship of the work with the hopes of resurrecting it. Teaching theology in the urban Third World proved to be a challenge but, according to Karl, well worth the effort. At the beginning, he did most of the teaching; but after ten years with the school, he was able to enjoy sitting back and watching six Mozambican instructors teach through the newly revised curriculum. Today the school is entirely in Mozambican hands and moving on into other provinces.

Good church leaders need good books and conferences - one of the Petersons' chief burdens. They've teamed up with the Brazilian publisher Editora Fiel to send out one book a month to Mozambican pastors, evangelists, elders, Bible School teachers, and others. This three-year program has given a very useful library to many who otherwise have almost no access to good books. Karl also invites these book recipients and other church leaders to their annual conferences in July in Maputo and Nampula, Mozambique.

After fruitful years in Cape Town, South Africa, where Karl taught and trained leaders for the African church at the Bible Institute of South Africa the Petersons have come to Parker Colorado while continuing to partner with Christian leaders in Mozambique and South Africa for pastors' conferences and with the Bible Institute in teaching and seminars.         

Email    KGPeterson@telkomsa.net

Missions Vision
Global Outreach

Global Outreach

Our Global Outreach vision is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to cultures and languages outside that of our own. The Great Commission is our responsibility, in prayer, to make disciples of all nations by going to those people who are without Christ, introducing them to His salvation, and teaching them to obey the commands of Christ. Although this may involve reaching any of the lost, we desire to give priority to the least reached peoples of the world.

Local Outreach

Local Outreach at Parker Hills Bible Fellowship is being the salt and light of Jesus Christ either within our own culture or within our own community. This may be done by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of our community and equipping our members to share their faith as we support those that do the same. We desire to place emphasis on local outreach to our own community in Parker, Colorado, as well as the urban part of Denver. As part of our community outreach, we desire to make PHBF a place that is welcoming to visitors and known in our community. 

Short Term Missions

We have a regular short-term mission trip within the U.S. as well as regular and individual overseas trips to Central Asia.

Overall Vision

Parker Hill’s Missions Vision is to help fulfill our overarching mission statement of Jesus Christ, To Know Him - To Make Him Known, For the Glory of God - For the Joy of All Peoples.  We desire to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by taking Him to cultures and languages outside of our own, while also being the salt and light within our own community. We endeavor to support our workers through prayer, meeting their physical and financial needs, and maintaining communication. We do this through domestic and international missions as well as short term and long term efforts.

Missions Philosophy                                                                   

1.  We want to work toward creating other self sustaining, self replicating, locally led churches.

2.  We aim to have 20% of our budget go to missions.

3.  We want a substantial amount of the missions budget to go to overseas missions.

4.  We want to pay particular attention to unreached people groups.

5.  We want to support missions endeavors by members of our church.

6.  We want a small number of missionaries so that we can:

- Stay engaged as a church with their ministries.

- Be a substantial help financially to each one.

- Minimize the number of supporting churches they need to visit and communicate with.

7.  We want to partner with missionaries in ways they find helpful, not presume that we know best how to help.

8.  We would like a personal endorsement for a new missionary from at least one of the elders because we want to reproduce churches in kind - theology, philosophy of ministry.