Care Groups

How important are Care Groups to Parker Hills? Put it this way: we don't just offer care groups as another ministry of our church; rather, we are the church by means of care groups. The Scriptures describe the church as much more than simply a Sunday preaching station. It is a community, a family, an organic body with mutually supportive parts.

God never intended us to live our lives alone. We were made for community, both with Him and with other people. Unfortunately, far too many people live with a perpetual feeling of loneliness and disconnection. Even in a crowd. Even in worship services of the church.

Care Groups counteract this tendency by providing us with an opportunity to experience real community—things like genuine fellowship, personal accountability, and relational transparency. A Care Group is a place where we can be open and honest about our sin. A place where we can know and be known. A place to work out practical applications of the biblical teaching we receive on Sunday. A place where sin meets grace and need meets supply.

Care Groups are geographically distributed and meet in homes.  Please contact Brian and Cassie Call, the church office, or one of the elders if you are interested in joining an existing group or forming one of your own.


Our Care Group locations: